Social Organization in a Turkish Village


Photo: Courtesy of Paul Stirling

Paul Stirling's 1965 monograph, Turkish Village, has long stood as a classic account of social organization in a traditional peasant community. Fortunately, this work has been made accessible as a World Wide Web document by the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent at Canterbury. Their holdings include an electronic version of the 1965 edition, (1994 Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing), based on Stirling's 1949-51 fieldwork, and a broader project, 45 Years in a Turkish Village, which includes more recent material.

The following sections discuss the Turkish peasant ethnographic material as illustrative of features and principles of social organization discussed in the University of Manitoba's Kinship and Social Organization Tutorial (Schwimmer 1995).

General information on Turkey is available from The Library of Congress, Turkey: A Country Study.
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