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Kinship diagrams to accompany:
Kinship and Social Organization: An Interactive Tutorial. Student Manual
Brian Schwimmer 2002
Note: This diagram list is not coordinated to previous version of the manual

Unit I: Kinship Fundamentals

Figure 1: Kinship Diagraming and Symbols
Figure 2: An Egocentric Bilateral Kindred
Figure 3: Lineal vs Collateral Kin
Figure 4: Matrilateral vs Patrilateral Kin
Figure 5: Matrilineal vs Patrilineal Kin

Unit 2: Systems of Descent

Figure 6: Patrilineal Descent, Ancestor Focus
Figure 7: Patrilineal Descent, Egocentric, Male Ego
Figure 8: Patrilineal Descent, Egocentric, Female Ego
Figure 9: Matrilineal Descent, Ancestor Focus
Figure 10: Matrilineal Descent, Egocentric, Female Ego
Figure 11: Matrilineal Descent, Egocentric, Male Ego
Figure 12: Dual Descent
Figure 13: Segmentary Lineage Systems
Figure 14: The Tribes of Israel
Figure 15: The Tribe of Judah
Figure 16: The Tribe of Levi
Figure 17: Sakaltutan Village Map
Figure 18: A Sakaltutan Lineage
Figure 19: Bilateral Kinship Network (Kindred)
Figure 20: Ambilineal Kinship Group (Ramage)
Figure 21: Bilateral Descent Group (Stock)
Figure 22: Overlapping Stocks
Figure 23: Impediments to Marriage in Catholic Canon Law
Figure 24: Counting Kin According to the Civil Degree System
Figure 25: Civil Degree System
Figure 26: Counting Kin According to the Canon Degree System
Figure 27: Canon Degree System
Figure 28: Counting Kin According to the Collateral Degree System
Figure 29: Collateral Degree System

Figure 30: Counting Cousins
Figure 31: Overlapping Kindreds
Figure 32: Wergeld Distribution According to Frankish Law
Figure 33: Ambilineal Descent Groupings
Figure 34: The Bwoti

Unit 3: Kin Terms

Figure 35: Differences in Kinship Terms and Categories
Figure 36: Kin Types
Figure 37: Eskimo Kin Terms
Figure 38: English Kin Terms
Figure 39: English Kin Terms and Kinship Distance
Figure 40: Sudanese Kin Terms
Figure 41: Old English Kin Terms
Figure 42: Hawaiian Kin Terms (General System)
Figure 43: Hawaiian Kin Terms (Actual Usage)
Figure 44: Iroquois Kin Terms
Figure 45: Yanomamo Kin Terms
Figure 46: Omaha Kin Terms
Figure 47: Dani Kin Terms
Figure 48: Dani Terms and Patrilineages
Figure 49: Dani Terms - Femal Ego
Figure 50: Dani Terms - Spatial Representation
Figure 51: Crow Terms
Figure 52: Akan Kin Terms

Unit 4: Marriage Systems

Figure 53: Ranges of Exogamy and Endogamy
Figure 54: Marriage and Social Ranges among the Yanomamo
Figure 55: Universal Incest/Marriage Prohibitions
Figure 56: Marriage Prohibition Ranges
Figure 57: Parallel Cousin Marriage Prohibitions
Figure 58: Prohibitions from Leviticus 18
Figure 59: Variations in U.S. Marriage Prohibitions
Figure 60: Parallel Cousin Marriage
Figure 61: Genealogy of the Hebrew Patriarchs and Matriarchs
Figure 62: Basic Cousin Relationships
Figure 63: Cross cousin marriage from male and female perspectives
Figure 64: Bilateral Cross Cousins
Figure 65: Bilateral Cross Cousin Marriage
Figure 66: Matrilateral Cross Cousin Marriage
Figure 67: Circulating connubium
Figure 68: Matrilateral Cross Cousin Marriage in a Matrilineal System
Figure 69: Patrilateral Cross Cousin Marriage
Figure 70: Lovedu Marriage Exchanges
Figure 71: Ancient Hebrew Inheritance and Marriage Patterns: Structural Alternatives

Unit 5: Residence

Figure 72: Neolocal Residence
Figure 73: Patrilocal Residence
Figure 74: Turkish Household Formation
Figure 75: Turkish Household Segmentation
Figure 76: Igbo Household Formation
Figure 77: Igbo Household Segmentation
Figure 78: Matrilocal Residence
Figure 79: Avunculocal Residence
Figure 80: Natalocal Residence
Figure 81: Viola Jackson's Kindred: 1945-1948
Figure 82: Viola Jackson's Kindred: 1958-1965

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