Figure 82
Patterns of Residence and Domestic Cooperation within Viola Jackson's Kindred
1958 to 1965

Viola Jackson Kindred: Core Group

  • Magnolia's, who is caring for two of her daugter M's children, looses her husband.
  • Viola sends two of her sons to help her mother.
  • M and one of her children are living with E
  • Magnolia moves to Champaign to live with her daughters
  • She brings M's two children with her
  • E had died
  • M and her children move with Magnolia to Danville
  • M has died
  • Magnolia and M's children move to Chicago, where Viola and Leo live
  • They move in temporarily with Viola and Leo
  • Magnolia moves into her own house with her gradchildren
  • She receives support from Viola and Leo

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